George Head

Walt Disney Imagineer – Retired

Savannah College of Art & Design

Savannah, GA 31412

+1.818.929.1531 – mobile


Steve Birket – President

Themed Entertainment Association

Birket Engineering, Inc.

Orlando, FL USA



Senator Mark Leno (CA)

590 Clipper

San Francisco, CA 94114



Monty Lunde – President


25261 Rye Canyon Road

Valencia, CA 91355 – 1203



Rick Rothschild

Walt Disney Imagineer

FAR Out! Creative Direction

P.O. Box 222246

Newhall, CA 91322



Roberta Perry

Vice President Business Development

Edwards Technologies, Inc. (ETI)

139 Maryland Street

El Segundo, Ca. 90245

(Office) 310-536-7070

(Direct) 310-356-4357

(Cell) 310-709-2613


Adam Proto

Executive Producer – Jack Morton Productions London

Founder: Terbell Institute (owner), London

+44.208.994.2042 – terbell

+44.7831.756701 – mobile

+44.1403.891.408 – home


Beth Feingold

Under One Roof – San Francisco

Academy of Friends – San Francisco


 Candice Dalziel

Peripatetic Production Management




What Do People Say?

“I have been most impressed at the empathetic dexterity with which Kile is able to draw the best from a disparate group of creative professionals and, as a part of that group, guide that group to the most compelling and exciting results. A generous leader, he shows no ownership or protection of the source of an idea; rather, he seems to find the value in everything contributed, add it to the whole, then refine down to the resonant gem. I would embrace the opportunity to work with him, again, in a heartbeat.”
-Florian Wieder – Creative Producer Production Designer 
“Having had the opportunity to collaborate with Kile Ozier in both San Francisco and Dubai,  I highly recommend him and his team for any large scale entertainment projects.  Kile is smart, meticulous and an inspiring leader.   He is great with both clients and the production team.  He  strengthens any production to better emotionally connect with the audience and to provide an unforgettable experience which best supports the client’s branding objectives. Kile is an exceptional leader in the industry and also a great collaborator and team player.”
- Robert Risse of Dogpatch MobiSocial LLC – San Francisco

“…we get a lot of Consultants in here, year after year…and, you know what makes him different? He Listens…”

- C. Dalziel – Dubai

“He is able to develop both strategy and creative, then meld the two into an experience that is often quite unpredictable and always powerfully compelling and evocative.”

- A.Ilves @ BBC London

He is a fabulous, visionary spokes person for creative entertainment with a knack for getting different personality types to coexist and work together.” 
- Jess Long – Project Coordinator (BRC Imagination Arts) Burbank / Dubai


“He has articulated our message so clearly and connected with our audience so profoundly that I can imagine no one else who could represent this institution as well.”

- J.B.Ford @ Stanford University

“the many creative elements and endlessly good details he provided were absolutely instrumental to our success. Though we have paid you, we are in your debt.”

- S.Nichols @ Harvard Law School

“Kile was introduced over the phone to me by my client as a Legend! It turned out to be so. Here is a man that can work, un- ego led and see the most efficient way through to creating the best shows possible, which we mutually agree on, and that is the best show for the audience. Period. 

A patient man (BUT MAKE SURE YOUR CLOCK IS SET TO THE RIGHT ZONE TIME AND YOU ARE ON TIME) who likes to work with tight show structure and schedules which is the correct way.  By the same token he is totally cool with disarray, to a point, so long as he can see the results emerging and the show formation coming to fruition.  

Its not often you find someone you work and gel with so well. Kile held on to my feet (figuratively) whist he took and steered our best ideas and allowed me an artistic freedom over the project that benefited me no end and helped the end result from the get go; One wowed and happy audience and one delighted client.”

Stephen Grindle – AKA DingleFingle

Veteran Circus & Variety Entertainment Consultant | Highly Experienced Clown, Mime and Performance Artiste

“Kile is one of very few Creative Director/Producers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working who manage to consistently deliver programs with deep emotional resonance, while somehow never losing sight of the “Wow”. Throughout the production process, he insists that the transformation of the audience’s mindset remain paramount, and he skillfully develops the narrative to meet this goal, all the while methodically and efficiently assembling and shaping project components, and driving the team toward what is always a spectacular goal. A rare combo, from an equally-rare individual.”

Andy Warfel

Chief Aesthetic Officer at andy warfel design&creative

“My experience working with Kile was among the best of my professional history. I felt creatively protected and encouraged.

Kile created an arena in which the talents that those of us who worked for him and with him flourished. He set the bar for what is possible in a creative work-environment extremely high…!

If you have the chance to work with Kile…jump at it. His professionalism, his depth of knowledge, and his ability to creatively manage talent and people is not to be missed.”

Doug Mattis – PSA Master Rated Choreographer of Figure Skating